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I have liked horses since early childhood, especially young and difficult horses have always interested me. During my youth I watched, learned from different role models and tried to understand how it is best to help each horse. From very early on and over the years I have seen many horses train, mostly far too quickly and without any sense of the horse's future development. I've thought about the various factors that are important while training a horse:

First: consistency, continuous work

Second: patience, every horse needs time to reflect

Third: time, every horse needs its time to understand and implement things. This time is different for every horse

Fourth: trust, for friendly cooperation

Every horse needs a reasonable basis:

-good job from the ground,

-the three basic gaits to work safely,

- Taking away fears, whether natural or man-made.

After this process we get the horse used to the saddle and the bridle, as soon as the horse accepts this, the moment comes to use our weight, at the end we start slowly with walk, trot and canter. Since we have laid a good foundation, the horse will follow our steps and thus accept most of the things that are asked. This makes training easier and more portable for the horse. With this method the horse sees us as friends, understands what we want and works with us.

We offer:

Stay for your horse on our facility / finca

We work with every horse (stallion, mare or gelding) regardless of age

We feed according to the owner's instructions

There is the possibility as an owner to take part in the training to learn and grow together with your horse

Our working method is as explained above

*For further information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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