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Alegre TH


Sire: Encantado XXVI

Dam: Alegria XCI

Tordo (grey)

Height at the withers: 1,62 m

Alegre is one of our stallions. He stands out for his movements, his expression and the desire to work. Alegre has a particulary noticeable beautiful and thick mane and tail. His character convinced us to continue the old Cartujana line with him. 

Avalon SB


Sire: Errante III 

Dam: Inati IV

Castaño (Bay)

Height: 1,61 m

Avalon is the first foal born at home, this stallion has a clear and good-natured character. He stands out for his enthusiasm for learning and his eagerness to work. Avalon reminds us a lot of his father Errante III, so we decided that he will stay a part of our family. In the future we hope that he follows his father's footsteps as a breeding stallion.

Errante III

05.01.1994 - 09.2019

Sire: Marisquero III

Dam: Azorla

Castaño (Bay)

Height: 1,57 m

Errante was a great breeding stallion of the Guardiola line, who left us great inheritors like Avalon. With his big heart and what he had taught us, he awakened the desire to breed in us. For us he will always be something special.

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